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  • MODEL:CP200
    Name:CP200 ID Card Laser&HD Printing System
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      CP200 ID card laser perso & HD printing system is developed for high security use of smart cards, 
      such as National IDs, Driver Licenses, Payment Cards and etc. The innovative system is able to realize 
      retransfer printing, laser engraving and lamination. Different encoding options such as Magnetic Strip 
      and Contact / Contactless can be integrated.



      -Equipped with 300DPI print head to retransfer HD ID;
      -Lockable housing for utmost security;
      -Perform optional security features CLI/MLI in one step;
      -Mechanical locks to secure access to suppliers and consumables;
      -Ethernet LAN interface for distributed applications.



      -Contact/contactless card encoding
      -Laser engraved ghost image
      -Lamination with or without hologram
      -Micro-text laser engraved 
      -Printed/laser engraved personal data
      -Tactile laser engraved
      -Color dye sublimation printing in 300 DPI(with or without LPI)
        Application Scope
        -National ID cards
      -Driver licenses
      -Access control cards
      -Payment cards
      -Highly secure employee badges





      Input Hopper

        -  capacity: 300 cards (0.76mm)
        Retransfer Printing Module
        -  Edge-to-edge printing
      -  Single or double-sided printing
      -  Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer
      -  300 DPI print head 
        Laser Engraving Module
        -  12 W air cooled DPSSL source
      -  Dual-sided laser engraving
      -  Laser marking resolution: 2400 DPI

      Lamination Module
        -  Heat transfer
      -  Varnish or patch
      -  Double-sided lamination
      -  Flow: 2 mm/s to 18 mm/s
      -  Temperature: 100 °C to 180 °C
        Output Hopper
        -  capacity: 300 cards (0.76mm)
        Reject box

      -  capacity: 30 cards (0.76mm)
        Optional module
        Magnetic stripe encoding(HiCo or LoCo)
      Contact/contactless card encoding
      XY positioning camera

        Power Supply  100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1KW
        Weight 90KG
        Noise <50dB
        Dimension 959mmX612mmX490mm(LxWxH)
        Operation Temperature 15℃-30℃
        Operation Humidity 20%-65%
        Communication Interface Rj45, Enternet
        Laser Engraving Resolution 2400dpi
        Laser Type Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSSL) Source,12 Watts
        Card Type Polycarbonate (PC) cards,  PET cards, PVC cards and ABS cards of ISOCR80-ISO 7810 (53.98 mm x 85.60 mm)

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