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  • MODEL:PTM-120B
    Name:PTM-120B Chip Module Initialization
    Max.throughput:6PIN:122500UPH; 8PIN:85900UPH
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      PTM-120B is an upgrade product designed for the increasing production requirement of chip encapsulation & testing factories andsmart card manufacturers. The brand-new design enables operators to switch chips production between 6PIN and 8PIN within 60seconds.
      It integrates short-circuit punching, open and short test, chip initialization & pre-personalization as well as reject chip punching andmarking. Modular design can meet your different production requirements and maximize decreasing your investment cost.
      PTM-120B can be applied to contact/contactless and dual interface chip initialization, and also can be customized according tothe demands for various chip production.

        Application Scope:6PIN/8PIN Contact Chip Module, Contact Chip Module, Contactless Chip Module








      Unique Patented
      120 Heads Ensure
      High Throughput
      It only takes 60s to switch production
      tasks between 6PIN and 8PIN
      contact chip.
      The top Chinese industrial-calss reader
      developed by Piotec with open/short test
      function is stable and high cost-effective.
      Max.throughput 120,000cph for 6PIN chip;
      Max.throughput 85,000cph for 8PIN chip.
      Modular Design Unrestricted Workplace  
      Each module can work independently
      or be combined on demand.
      Free of production site due to electric
      driving design without external air supply.





























      Initialization Re-initialization Reject chip punching Short-circuit punching


      Unwinding Module

      It is convenient to adjust the position of driving tray and driven tray to meet the needs of different unwinding directions. It is compatible for the trays with 12.6MM and 38MM diameter of axle.


      Initialization Module

      It realizes fast switch between 6pin and 8pin chip production;120 heads at most can be configured simultaneously; Contact/contactless and dual interface chip module initialization can be acheived; The module can be set up with a standalone style.

      Re-Initialization Module

      2 sets of contact heads or 3 sets of contactless heads are equipped for automatic re-initialization of failed chips, which can reduce the rejection rate.

        Reject Chip Punching Module
        Realizing reject chip punching and the punching position is set up flexibly via software instead of manual adjustment,which greatly improve punching precision and production efficiency; The module can be set up with a standalone style.

      Rewinding Module
        Rewinding and packaging the personalized tapes with guard band; The module can be set up with a standalone style.
        Short-circuit Punching Module (Optional)
        Realizing chips short-circuit disconnection; Module tapes with different specifications can be punched by quick replace of punching mould; The module can be set up with a standalone style.
        Chip Module specification M2 and M3
        Power supply 220V(-5%~+10%), 50Hz, 4KW (including short-circuit punching module)
          220V(-5%~+10%), 50Hz, 2KW (excluding short-circuit punching module)
        Noise <50dB 
        Operation temperature 23℃±3℃
        Operation humidity 50%±10%
        Communication interface  Ethernet 
        Dimension 4750mmx840mmx1960mm (including short-circuit punching module)
          3800mmx840mmx1860mm (excluding short-circuit punching module)
        Weight 800kg (including short-circuit punching module)
          650kg (excluding short-circuit punching module)
        Short-circuit punching throughput Max. throughput is 60,000UPH (14 chips/punch)
        Maximum throughput Including short-circuit punching module: 60,500UPH
      Excluding short-circuit punching module: 99,000UPH(6PIN)




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